What speeds can I expect?

The expected speed is determined by both the external environment around your home and where your...

 Are there contracts involved?

We don't do contracts – that is how we roll! A calendar month’s notice is required for...

 Can I find out the contention ratio in my area?

Not really, no. Contention ratio isn't something providers tend to advertise these days. Most...

 Can I top-up my data when I run out?

Absolutely. You can top-up through your Customer Zone. If you find yourself topping up before the...

 Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. Upgrades and Downgrades are scheduled for month end.

 Can I use this LTE service anywhere?

Yes, provided you are within our LTE-A covered area.

 Do I need to RICA my SIM card?

Yes. You need to produce your ID and proof of address that is less than three months old.

 Do I need to buy a LTE router?

Get a free-to-use premium LTE router when you sign up. Please note that if you cancel your LTE...

 Does the LTE Router support different internet connections?

Yes, both LTE and Fibre connections will work, ADSL and VDSL are not supported.

 How do I view my usage?

By logging into your Customer Zone, you can view your usage, as well upgrade, purchase additional...

 How does contention ratio affect my broadband?

When your contention ratio is high - meaning a lot of people are connected to the same line as...

 How long does it take for my LTE-A service to activate?

Your service can take up to 24 hours to activate.

 How many LTE at Home Services can I order?

We are limiting the number of the free router promotion to 3 per customer.

 Is my first payment and data pro-rated?

Yes, we pro-rata our LTE services. That means, if you sign up halfway through the month you will...

 What if my speeds are consistently slow?

Provided the router is in a good condition you can return it to us for a full refund.

 What is LTE-A?

LTE-A is more reliable and delivers true 4G speeds, that are 2 - 3x faster than regular LTE.

 What is your Contentional Ratio

Westcoast services is dedicated to keep the contentional ratio to 5:1, this insures that you get...